3×3 Basketball

3×3 Basketball

Exciting, urban and innovative, 3×3 is inspired by several forms of streetball played worldwide and is considered the world’s number one urban team sport. Steered by FIBA, games see two teams of three players face off on a basketball half-court.  On June 9, 2017, 3×3 was added to the Olympic Program, starting from the Tokyo 2020 Games.

3×3 is simple and flexible enough to be played anywhere by anybody. All you need is a hoop, a half-court and six players. Events can be staged outdoor and indoor in iconic locations to bring basketball directly to the people.

The rules are very simple and designed to make it a fast, spectacular and exciting game. The non-stop music brings an authentic urban culture atmosphere, which attracts a new young audience to the games.

3×3 is an opportunity for new players, organisers and countries to go from the streets to the World Stage. The stars of the game play in a professional tour and some of the most prestigious multi-sports events. 

Canada Basketball in working with FIBA will regulate the rules of the game, facilitate the promotion of the discipline and sanction the organization of 3×3 tournaments with the support of the Provincial Sporting Organizations.

Do you want to play 3×3 Basketball in Abbotsford?

The Abbotsford Basketball Association is proud to offer both 3×3 Leagues and 3×3 tournaments throughout the year.

If you want to access 3×3 Leagues then visit Super Leagues. Our 3×3 Leagues run every January for a duration of 10 weeks. Players receive a 20-game 3×3 season that concludes with a playoff weekend.

On the tournament front the Abbotsford Basketball Association is part of the organizing committee for the Valley Summer Games (VSG). The VSG hosts a variety of sports and the Abbotsford Basketball Association chairs the VSG 3×3 Basketball. Since the inception of VSG in 2017, the 3×3 basketball tournament within VSG has attracted teams from BC, Alberta and Washington State.

In 2017 the VSG 3×3 Basketball hosted 118 teams. The tournament includes a dunk contest, 3-point contests, fun activities for families, food trucks, live music and competitive basketball. The excitement from the 2017 tournament resulted in 154 teams participating in the 2018 tournament, dubbing it as the largest 3×3 basketball tournament in western Canada in 2018. The Abbotsford Basketball Association began their 2019 planning earlier than normal and engaged with local stakeholders on how they could increase the participation numbers. The strong planning amongst stakeholders allowed the 2019 tournament to be the largest yet with 211 teams participating across various age groups and coming from not only BC but Alberta and Washington State.

The 2020 VSG is postponed due to COVID-19. Updated on 2021 VSG will be released in November, 2020.

Why is 3×3 Basketball important for children?

Focus on Physical Literacy 

Children need to have agility, balance, coordination, running, jumping, catching and throwing skills in order to have an enjoyable experience. Therefore, you will see coaches and programs emphasizing these things in their practices. This is much like in school where a child starts with phonics and very simple works before they are asked to read a chapter book. And yes, it takes practice and doing that will help a child become competent and confident. Imagine asking a child to read a chapter book before they can read simple words. They would find it frustrating. Basketball is a tremendous team sport which incorporates many key developmental skills including running, agility, balance, coordination, running, jumping, catching and throwing skills. We are doing the same thing in these quality sport programs. By establishing the fundamental movement and motor skills a child is setting a good foundation for being active for life! 

Kids Don’t Play Like Adults

We can’t expect a young child to play the adult game. They are smaller, haven’t learned the skills and don’t necessarily understand the game. Therefore, facilities, equipment, games, and practices to accommodate the developmental level of the child are needed. These modifications are to help the child progress in a positive way, learn the skills and develop confidence. 

Game Structure 

In order for the child to develop the skills, they need to touch the ball many times. Therefore, you are likely to see smaller playing surfaces and fewer players on the court. This is to give each child the opportunity to touch, catch, shoot or Pass the ball as many times during a game. This will definitely improve their skills!

So WHY 3 on 3?

3 on 35 on 53 on 3 basketball results in…
Players Playing in One Gym 12 total players on the floor10 total players on the floor More time playing and less time sitting. A total of 20% more playing time for everyone!
Basketballs Used2 basketballs on the court1 basketball on the courtTwice as many touches of the ball for the team which results in more skill development and enjoyment..
Players per Game 3 vs 3 (6 total)5 vs 5 (10 total)More spacing for players and less congestion on the floor leading to improved skills in shooting, passing and dribbling.
Court Size Half Court(1 hoop)Full Court(2 hoops)Every Possession starts in a scoring position at the top circle of the key. This cuts out the time in the middle of the court providing more real playing opportunities. It slows down and simplifies the game which allows for enhanced learning! 
CoachesCoaching 3 players in the half court in close proximityCoaching 5 players in a full court setting,Creates more teaching opportunities between coach and player.

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