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The Abbotsford Mens Basketball League was established in the early 2000s, initially located at W.J. Mouat Secondary, then Columbia Bible College, and now at Robert Bateman Secondary. Over the years the league has ranged from 8-10 teams, fielding teams with multiple college/ex-college players and professional/ex-professional players. The league is currently managed by Virinder Braich and has been since 2012. The Abbotsford Mens Basketball League offers three seasons: Fall, Winter, and Spring.

The 2017 Spring season was the Abbotsford Mens Basketball League’s largest season yet with 12 teams. 

Click the link below to contact the league administrator:

Past champions:

2012 Spring League – Grizzlies
2013 Spring League – Hammers
2013 Summer League – Daggers
2013 Fall League – Hammers
2014 Winter League – Lights Out
2014 Spring League – Westcoast
2014 Fall League – Hammers
2015 Winter League – Lights Out 
2015 Spring League – Westcoast
2015 Fall League – Hammers
2016 Winter League – Lights Out
2016 Spring League – Lights Out
2016 Fall League – Lights Out
2017 Winter League – Lights Out
2017 Spring League – Hammers

All scores, statistics, and schedules are posted on the Abbotsford Men’s Basketball League’s official website. Click below to explore the league:

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