Abbotsford Basketball Super League Scholarship

The Abbotsford Basketball Association is dedicated serving the community. At the end of every season, one individual from every division is selected to receive the ABASL Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to the individual who attends all games, shows admirable leadership on and off the court, and improves as individual over the course of the season. The $150 scholarship has three components: $50 towards out of school sports, $50 towards in-school fees, and $50 for personal use. 

Scholarship winners: 

Prit Brar – Gordie Howe, Harshdeep Gill – Gordie Howe, Cassidy Buchanan – Aldegrove Secondary, Jesse Davis – Abby Senior, Harshaan Alamwala – Abby Middle, Bhavi Bisram – Abby Traditional Middle, Geshawn Sekhon – Rick Hansen, Arshan Grewal – WA Fraser, Aaron Shin – Mountain Elementary, Jovan Brar – Gordie Howe, Danvir Aulakh – Clearbrook.

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